Go Team Malta Trails

A sample of some of our most popular Malta Go Team treasure trails. These Go Team trails are excellent ideas for inbound tourism and MICE delegates to Malta and also for local businesses looking at developing their teamwork skills. Please contact us with your requirements and the team at Outdoor Living Malta will work with you to tailor a unique experience to suit your team at the destination of your choice

Go Team – Around the World

Around the World is a unique and interactive event that challenges your team to work their way around the globe all from your chosen venue or location! Teams are equipped with the Go Team app on our latest iPads as a passport to each country and guidebook to the world. They also carry a suitcase of props which are needed to complete some of the challenges. Spaghetti? Marshmallows? Origami paper? What do you do with these??

In this global scavenger hunt, teams are free to decide which countries they will virtually visit. They engage in a variety of tasks each inspired by the country they represent to activate ‘Hotspots” and earn points. With photo and video challenges, timed questions, as well as team games everyone will be engaged and inspired.

Around the World is one of our most popular events for local companies and tourism and MICE groups visiting Malta. A very popular challenge, Contact Us now to reserve a date for your team or ask us to customise an event just for you.


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Go Team – Around the World

Go Team Beer IChallenge Malta
Did you know that beer is the 3rd most popular drink in the world after water and tea? It’s the oldest alcoholic drink much loved, produced and consumed in nations across the globe. And, Malta is no exception.

In Go team Beer iChallenge in Malta, the Go Team app becomes a guide to pubs and the beer world of Malta. Teams are guided to different bars and complete fun beer related triva questions, photo and video challenges to win themselves a beer. Will it be a Hop Leaf pale ale or a Hop Leaf Extra? Perhaps a locally brewed Blue Label or a Mackeson Milk Stout.

A very popular challenge, Contact Us now to reserve a date for your team or ask us to customise an event just for you.


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Go Team Valletta iChallenge

Valletta, is a magnificent fortress city situated on Mount Sceberras peninsula which rises from two aqua blue harbours, Marsamxett and Grand Harbour. This World Heritage City was constructed since 1566, it is bursting with things to see and explore. A walk along its narrow streets uncovers tiny shops and cafes, churches and palaces, votive statues, niches, coats of arms high up on parapets and fountains.

Go Team Valletta iChallenge is the ultimate way to explore and discover the magnificent city of Valletta. Using the Go Team app teams are guided around popular tourist attractions and unique places to see in Malta. Teams solve riddles, answer clues and take the requested photos. Teams will also find themselves interacting with locals. This fun yet competitive activity allows teams to discover the culture, heritage and colour of the amazing capital city of Valletta in Malta while exercising their ability to work together as a team.


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Knights Chase iChallenge, Mdina

In the footsteps of the Knights is a journey across time in a magnificent city. It’s a unique and fun way to experience Mdina’s historical treasures while challenging your ability to work together as a team!

Each team is tasked with searching Mdina’s streets for animators – Grand Master, Noble Lady, Knight, and more characters who will give them further information about the locations they will be visiting. On encountering each animator, the teams are asked a series of questions or must complete a team task. Gold coins are awarded to each team depending on their success in completing the challenges given by the animators. Honour and nobility await those who follow in the footsteps of the Knights!

A very popular challenge, Contact Us now to reserve a date for your team or ask us to customise an event just for you.


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Go Team Waste Reduction

We all know that reducing waste is important. But keeping waste minimization top of mind in our busy daily lives is often a challenge.

Go Team Waster Reduction is a memorable event that keeps teams and individuals mindful of supporting efforts to promote a more sustainable society long after the activity. Guided by the Go Team app teams explore your chosen destination answering questions, photos and video challenges about Reducing Packaging waste and each location.

Discover your chosen destination while becoming more aware about waste reduction. A very popular challenge, Contact Us now to reserve a date for your team or ask us to customise an event just for you.


Client Testimonial : Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd

Client Brief
“Every year Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd organises an environment day for its employees as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction participation. In the afternoon (4 hours) we like to carry out an activity for a group of 20-25 employees with an environment theme to make them more aware of the need to reduce waste generation. This year the theme is ‘Reducing packaging waste’. I would like to ask if you would be able to propose to us an activity for our employees which would be fun but also educational one.”

The Solution
A customised Go Team Waste Reduction was the answer. Their team building program was filled with discovery and fun as teams worked together to answer questions and complete photos and video challenges about reducing packaging waste.

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Panoramic GPS Trail Quest

Experience Malta off-the-beaten track! Enjoy the Maltese landscape using various means of transport in this seriously fun event that will keep all participants constantly wondering what is coming next!

This unique event provides a wonderful opportunity to exercise your ability to work together as a team whilst allowing participants the chance to discover various points of interest on the island.

In this exciting quest, participants are split into small teams. After a safety briefing, they set off on different routes using the latest GPS technology on our iPad Air tablets to assist them in finding their way. Each route leads to a checkpoint where the teams must swap their means of transport for a new one. These could be anything, from mountain bikes to quad bikes, or even Segways (not to mention good old trekking)!


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A unique and fun way of discovering Malta, as teams compete in an interactive Monopoly challenge around our island. Based on the world’s bestselling board game, Monopoly, teams follow their MALTAopoly map on their iPad to explore different locations around Malta whilst earning valuable points based on the locations they will be visiting.

Along the way there will be some ‘Chance Cards’ which will pop up when you least expect them, engaging photo challenges, as well as fun and interesting questions which will unveil a whole different side to the Monopoly board!

In true board game style, it’s down to your team to visit as many hotspots as possible, to access unique questions and crack clues in order to earn points. The points you could earn reflect the prices of the squares on the board, so strategy is key!

The group will be split in smaller teams of 10 participants each and will go around the different locations using minivans. In addition to the questions and photo challenges, teams have extra challenges to complete which will grant them cash bonus that will contribute to the properties portfolio. All extra challenges will be related to the Maltese culture and will include Knight’s related team games along with challenges that will get teams to taste some of our local delicacies. You will receive instant feedback on your questions, and the Event Manager will also be interacting with you throughout the game. The team who scores the most revenue wins the game.


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Malta Vintage Car iRally

Hitch a ride on one of our vintage cars and head to the island’s best vantage points some of which are known only by village locals! Each car will be provided with an Ipad Air pre-loaded with our Go Team app as teams embark on a treasure hunt to discover the secrets of the island whilst completing fun challenges. Following both main and secondary roads, you’ll get the chance to see some of the most fascinating and authentic aspects of the Maltese islands. Each car takes a maximum of four passengers.

Malta Vintage car iRallies are tailor-made for each group, depending on the time available for exploration and the interests of that particular group. Below are some local experiences we can include along the way:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Local Delicacies
  • Traditions Malta Exhibition
  • Cocktail making


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Gozo iMission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit the island of Gozo and solve a series of riddles to collect evidence before your enemies get there first! Set around the island of Gozo, our Gozo iMission showcases culture and modern technology at its best, as teams of 5 people each embark on a treasure hunt to discover Gozo whilst completing fun challenges.

Teams pile into their very own 4×4 jeep, which they must then self-drive around Gozo. Our unique app operates on iPad Air devices, and its unique “follow arrow” guides teams to a series of waypoints. On arrival at each destination, participants work together to complete GPS-triggered challenges issued by the app. These include questions, cryptic clues, photographic criteria and timed tasks tailored to your chosen outcomes.

Gozo iMission is a full-day event that combines the fun and challenge of exploration, the adrenaline and excitement of activities, and the benefit of working together to complete the team tasks!

This activity is tailor-made for each group, depending on the time available for exploration and the interests of that particular group. Below are some activities we can include along the way:

  • Abseiling & Aerial Ropeway
  • Archery
  • Quad Bike Obstacle Course


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About Outdoor Living : Go Team Malta


Go Team is sold and delivered in Malta under exclusive license by Outdoor Living Malta, Malta’s top team building specialists. Outdoor Living Malta believe in the power of games and having fun to bring about change to individuals and organisations. At Outdoor Living Malta its about bringing passion, dedication and a sense of adventure. The team at Outdoor Living Malta believe that when a team enjoys itself together, it will become a more effective, committed unit. They are well known for designing team building activities that are tailored to the specific objectives of their clients and delivering rewarding experiential learning experiences that have lasting beneficial memories.

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