Toyota Handling
Valletta Quest Malta

Valletta, Malta
Outdoor Living Malta

Client Brief

A group of 200 delegates from Toyota Material Handling came to Malta for a conference. On one afternoon, they wanted an activity to explore and discover the Maltese culture. The ultimate solution was of course Go Team Valletta Quest.

The Solution

After lunch, the group started their Go Team activity with some fun challenges around Vittoriosa. All teams were then sent at a specific time to take boats across the Grand Harbour and go to Valletta where they had to continue their mission. In Valletta apart from answering questions and taking photos all related to the capital city and its rich history, teams had the following stops:

  • Visit of St John’s Cathedral
  • Stop in a wine bar for some local wine tasting and nibbles
  • Animators dressed in Medieval costumes who offered guests tastings of local liquor. As part of their challenge teams had to guess the main ingredients in the liquor
  • Animators dressed in typical Maltese costumes who gave out small local nougat bars to each participant. All nougat bars were branded with client’s logo

Understandably the client, Toyota Handling had a fabulous time and attested to the enjoyment and collaboration that the Go Team program had brought to their group.