GPS Challenge
Lisbon, Portugal
Catalyst Portugal

Client Brief

PETCARE was looking to participate in a teambuilding activity that could reinforce creativity, intelligence and fun in a spectacular way, for a young and energetic group.

The Solution

The team from Catalyst Portugal met with the PETCARE group at a restaurant in Lisbon for a brief about the Go Team Challenge and explanation of the Go Team app. The group then boarded a coach to the start of the trail. Time was not wasted on the coach as teams set about to planning the order in which they would visit the checkpoints, knowing that they had to visit 20 different checkpoints and complete 3 tasks in order to finish the Go Team activity successfully. The initial activity was a photo task coupled with two questions – one direct answer and the other multiple choice. Along the way, the teams had the opportunity to experience Portuguese culture present in this area. The teams got back to the drop off point to finish the activity, and as soon as the last team arrived the results were available. The client was keen to reveal the results and the photos during dinner which was made possible by the results being ready instantly at the end of the activity and forwarded over to the client by email.

Client Review

The feedback at the end of the activity was great. Participants felt that Go Team was the perfect way to meet a lot of different goals in a short period of time.