Go! Lion City Treasure Hunt
Singapore City, Singapore
Asia Ability

Client Brief

KPMG was seeking a fun focused activity for its Asia Pacific Region senior management team that would navigate the key attraction of Singapore and engage them in tasting Singapore’s foods and cultural traditions all while encouraging a competitive spirit!

The Solution

Asia Ability provided each team with an I-Pad installed with the Go Team app and with unlimited internet connection. Using the Go Team app’s GPS navigation and a series of clues and navigation notes, clients were guided around 42 checkpoints starting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel then heading to Marina Bay Sands via Kampung Glam, the landmark Merlion, the Esplanade and other iconic Singapore attractions. Just like an Amazing Race challenge, teams participated in specific activities such as photo challenges, shopping tasks, trivia questions and trying famous Singaporean foods like bread ice cream, durian and sugar cane from local street stalls. As the responses were submitted to the game controllers in real-time, on completion of the treasure hunt quest the winners were immediately revealed!