Cisco Systems
GPS Trail
Madrid, Spain

Client Brief

A large delegation from Cisco’s EMEA team chose Madrid as their conference destination, with colleagues flying in from a number of European and North American offices. The event sponsor wanted to break up the 3 day conference and help colleagues bond with each other to raise morale and improve future communication between offices. Emphasis was on a fun and competitive challenge that enabled teams to get out and about on the streets to see a bit of Madrid. It was also a requirement to incorporate a CSR element to the event.

The Solution

A bespoke Go Team trail stretching across the city centre incorporating all the key tourist attractions was the perfect solution for this team. Automatic GPS triggered checkpoints at each location set challenges for teams to complete to earn points. These included questions about the location and photos to prove they’d completed challenges ranging from recreating Spanish statues to dancing the Macarena whilst standing on the large concrete balls in one of the town squares. Each location included information to give them a little local knowledge about the place they had just visited. To maximise engagement between locations, teams were able to access a selection of additional questions on general knowledge, Spain and Cisco for bonus points.

The CSR element was a challenge created by us for teams to complete alongside the main event. Each team was tasked with buying Toys for Christmas for underprivileged children in a local shelter. The on screen trail map not only showed the checkpoints to gain points but also the locations of some of Madrid’s toy shops. With an allocated budget the teams planned in a stop at the shops and bought presents for the children.

When all the teams returned Go Team’s unique ‘in trail’ marking system allowed an immediate prize giving (so no momentum was lost) incorporating some of the team photos taken during the trail. What seemed like a good idea in front of a few team mates was hilarious in front of the whole audience. The top ten were announced with the winners receiving the acclaim, cheers (and boos) of the crowd not to mention some authentic “I Love Madrid” tourist mugs.

All of the gathered toys were presented to a representative of the shelter who gave an emotional speech of thanks on behalf of the children.The clients then left to get ready for dinner, swapping stories, feeling energised and more knowledgeable about Madrid and also feeling good about themselves because of the difference they’d made to those children.